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Simple resolve. Dynamic change.

Stepping into 2024, I've decided that the most important message for Capacity Now to share is a key message on the transformative power of resolute decision-making. To that end, our tagline for the year is RESOLVE. 

Life is full of problems - I like to call them challenges - but there is power in choosing your #1 problem as a means of arriving at your #1 solution. 

Overwhelm is often the product of choosing to focus on and assign significance to many problems within the same period, giving each of life's current challenges parity to one another. Experience has taught me that significant life improvements can happen in increments of 3-6 or 6-12 months by focusing on a single, life-shifting solution. This orientation - from many to one - shifts one away from being overwhelmed. 

For 2024, Capacity Now, will teach, share, and promote actionable steps that help our audience achieve one change, yet many benefits - a clear and simple resolve, for dynamic change. 

What's the one change, one solution, that will lead to resolve, and set forth a positive ripple of change for all of 2024?

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Aligned expectations.
Good work days.
Strong teams.

What if one guiding phrase could be the catalyst for maximum alignment within your organization and project teams?


Capacity Now has developed a workplace tool based on the core values of kindness and contribution to help align teams around key pillars, goals, and a spirit of collaborative contribution.


The aim is to create high-functioning workplaces with optimal transparency around work expectations. In this environment, employees know what is expected of them, leaders evaluate performance effectively and simply, workplace pain points are alleviated, and good work days abound while the most important goals are met. 

Explore how your organization can benefit from teams comprised of people who confidently know who they are responsible to, what they are responsible for, and how to fulfill their roles with excellence. 

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