Why being Competitive is Bad for Your Creativity & Energy.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Have you ever felt that if you didn't get something done fast  then you would miss out on the opportunity?

And if you didn't make it - you lose.

I think most of us feel that way, OFTEN, because societally, we are all conditioned to live that way. 

And the way I am speaking of is competitively.

Last week, I had a breakthrough insight regarding the relationship between RUSHING and COMPETITION and what it means regarding our CREATIVITY. 

Yes, rushing is tied to competition. Think about that.

Think about the last time you were in a rush to do something - now think of the root cause of your hurried, frantic attempts to get that thing done.

Pursuing opportunities from a creative mindset VS a competitive mindset is a different level of being.

A true creative mindset and way of living have a few elements - ones that I am personally always talking about and seeking to cultivate and grow, they are:

Faith believing that "what is for you, is for you" that it is ALREADY YOURS; all things are working together for your greatest good. Gratitude for all the good that you already have, with regular, joyful acknowledgement of it. Excellence the everyday practice of doing your very best + the feeling of being rewarded on the inside for making your best effort and extending a good representation of yourself into the world.  Spiritual Connection  a sense of creating for the greater good + feeling as if you co-created your work and downloaded your ideas from a power beyond yourself.

When you are aligned with the above, and also holding the joyous vision of the thing you desire, clear in the reason why you are seeking to DO and CREATE...

you are in a vibrational state and energy where you are attracting GOOD things, attracting YESES, and opportunities are drawn to you - ones you know of and ones that may even surprise you.

When you find yourself in a hurry, it's a hidden clue that you are in a competitive mode VS a creative mode.

And that competitive mode is energetically in opposition to the manifestation of desired outcomes.

When you are in a hurry, whether you know it or not, you may also be expecting to lose.

Because, after all, if there is someone to beat-out, you are avoiding being the loser - which means LOSING is a possibility, and an IMAGE that you are practicing in your mind.

If I don't hurry up...

If I don't finish this on time...

If someone else puts it out into the world before me...

These are all competitive, losing scenarios that end up on repeat in the competitive mind - and they are a mental recipe for not only stress and anxiety, but exactly what you don't want: missed opportunity.

I wanted to share this insight with you today, because I want to help you grow even further in your ability to operate in your creative power and to be vibrantly and abundantly creative.

If you even feel yourself rushing, in a hurry, and feeling contracted while creating, here's what you can do in that very moment: 1) Acknowledge it right away 2) ALLOW yourself to slow down 3) Reconnect to the purpose of what you are doing By allowing yourself to slow down in that moment, you are acting in faith that "everything that is for me is for me" and you begin to reset your energy and restore your creative power in the moment.

An affirmation I've been using in moments like this is: God goes before me in all things.

Lastly, I want to pose this. Be creative like a world class athlete, not competitive. The best athletes in the world are not actually in competition with other athletes but rather, they're seeking to perform their personal best and CREATE a new level of excellence with their self or to say it another way - to be their highest self.

Wishing you SO much creativity + peace,

Dorothy Marie

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