There’s NO MORE Space For You.

What does it really mean to level up?

A few weeks back I shared this idea that “getting your life together happens moment by moment.”

It’s that consistent commitment to growth that really allows us to level-up.

Sometimes we use the phrase “make space.” We talk about “making space for our passion” and sentiments to that effect. We wish there was space & opportunity for us in that place we are NOW desiring to be, and occupy. 

And my friend, there totally is. But for many of us, there are prerequisites we must meet. 

First, there has to be NO MORE SPACE.

Yes, what if I told you that when there’s NO MORE SPACE for you, that is when you truly level up?

When you are at your full capacity in your present level, and there is no more space for you there – because you are filling that space completely – you will begin to push up into the next, higher level. 

That's leveling-up.

Its SO true. And nature provides examples.

When there is no more space for the transforming insect within the cocoon, it begins to push OUT of the cocoon. It emerges as a butterfly; a new level of being.

The same can be said of the seed. It pushes out of its casing. It buds. It pushes through the dirt, leaves emerge. And it keeps evolving into its next level of being…

By outgrowing its previous state or level.

So here’s the actionable step:

Fill the space you are currently occupying. Exceed the capacity of your current level.

Life seeks to expand and so do you.

And here’s an introspective question to help you determine what action you should take:

How can you expand yourself in your current space or role so that you can be that much closer to PUSHING through to the next great level of life? 

The Universe is gonna promote you my friend, that's what it does.

Much Peace & Progress to you,

Dorothy Marie

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