How to Make a Lasting Impact on People | Be loved & aligned.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou said it best with this quote. But I truly felt this first-hand, recently, in an unexpected way.

Recently, someone who was a big inspiration and teacher to the entrepreneur community passed away. Her name was Cici Gun, known as The Six Figure Chick on Instagram.

I was one of hundreds of thousands who followed her and subscribed to her email list - as well as a grateful customer of hers.

When her team shared news of her passing, I truly felt sad. I cried. I never met her, never talked to her, just followed her on IG and purchased from her a few times.

And yet, her name at one time was commonly said in my double entrepreneur household...

"What you doing?" "About to watch this class by Cici."

It was SO evident that Cici was pouring into others, truly serving, and truly living in her purpose.

I quickly reflected on why her passing away hit me the way it did. This is why: She is someone who made me feel like my dreams are POSSIBLE. She was a teacher and an encourager of BIG dreams.

So what does this have to do with you & being loved?

Well, if you want to have an impact on this world, and in the lives of others, or simply on the people closest to you, take a note from Cici.

Want to make a lasting impact on someone, to align with a person's heart? 

Encourage their dreams.

Speak LIFE.

We live in a world where the low hanging fruit is that of HATE, lack and discouragement. Be the opposite of that, and not only will you be LOVED, you will at the same time be ABUNDANT.

To do this is to take action on an important principle of prosperity, it's called " The Impression of Increase."

Nobody, I mean NOBODY needs another person in their life to share a pessimistic opinion, or dose of "rational” or “realistic” thinking.

That means DO: 

Show an earnest interest in the dreams and aspirations of others.

If you can’t take the extra step of helping them, take the time to listen with compassion & encourage them.

The DON’T: 

STOP trying to talk people into shrinking down the size of their dream; Stop being ANTI-FAITH.

Don't tell the person in your life who wants to be a  DOCTOR to be a nurse instead. 

Don't do it to yourself, and don't do it to anybody else.

That's why I rocked with Cici.

Because when you have family members looking at you crazy for pursuing your dreams, a complete stranger can lift your spirits and truly touch your heart.

And that's the kind of person I aim to be everyday.

And when you step more and more into being that person in the lives of others, you will leave a lasting impression, an impression of increase and love that will be returned.

I believe in you!

Dorothy Marie

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