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Happiness in Healing

Happiness in Healing

Hey Alexandra,

I couldn't even BEGIN to share this concept of "Happiness in Healing" without you knowing that YES, I've been through some tough stuff...

And that, if YOU are healing right now, I'm someone who can relate to the very real challenges that come up. Challenges such as UNHEALTHY COPING. Whether it's related to LOSS or personal battles such as DEPRESSION.

So below, is my story...My experience of dealing with mental-emotional healing from depression about 9 years ago.

I'm sharing about my wake-up call moment, along with some steps I've identified RECENTLY that can help us to heal, overcome and to try to do so by reflecting and seeking happiness in the midst of it all.

If you are opening this in time, you can catch my IG LIVE Replay VIDEO where I tell this story and share the "Happiness in Healing" concept: HERE.


When I was a sophomore in college, I had to have an emergency surgery. 

One day I was fine, the next day I was experiencing the most physical pain I’d ever experienced in my life, in my lower abdomen.

I went from ambulance to emergency room to CAT scan to operating room in about 12 hours.

This sudden ER visit resulted in the removal of my right ovary. To this day I have the very distinct 6 inch scar that crosses my abdomen from left to right. 

All was well with my surgery, my recovery. 


Honestly, it’s like my BODY didn’t skip a beat. Four weeks later, I was back to most of my normal activities…

BUT the real SCARS, the ones that went far DEEPER were the

mental-emotional ones that came as a result of the FINANCIAL realities that hit me - the DEBT.

See, I didn’t have ANY insurance. And in what seemed to be a blink of the eye, I had incurred over $40,000 in medical bills. Three weeks later, the bills were showing up. And...the BIGGEST depression of my life showed up with them,  like a BIG abysmal, heavy cloud.

$40,000 in debt.

It’s the one thing I NEVER wanted. I never wanted to be in DEBT. I was determined to never be poor as an adult. And, now, suddenly I was (or I felt I was).

College debt: that was an investment in my future.


But this new debt, the MEDICAL BILLS, they were totally out of my control.

It was BAD. My biggest fear had come true.

I was depressed, and in college. Afraid to FAIL. Scared.

After all, college was my PLAN. My plan To change my life - to beat poverty.

And, If I failed, surely I’d be poor. What opportunities would I have?! No opportunities, massive debt.


Poor on top of poor.



And it was the fear, the mental and emotional anguish that I truly needed to HEAL from most.

I now know where these fears come from.

Like most limiting fears, they come from childhood experiences that got hardwired into the subconscious before I could even make sense of them.


Open-ended, unresolved, fears like these follow us into our adult lives until we acknowledge, UNLEARN, re-wire our minds and rewrite our stories.

Until we take back our power over our minds and stop running on subconscious, fight or flight, autopilot.

Well, I didn’t know all of this stuff then. All I knew was my pain, my fear and my despair.


When I stopped crying and sleeping, medicating and avoiding it…

Honestly, after I hit an EMOTIONAL ROCK BOTTOM something spoke to me - hello God - and basically gave me this message: YOU HAVE A CHOICE to DO SOMETHING. 

And I realized, that in the midst of my hysteria nobody was gonna save me.

It was on me to do something to improve my situation.

I started looking at the mail, ALL the bills, all the notices that had come.

I started remembering something someone told me...about an option I had.


Before I had this breakthrough moment with God, it's an option I had complained about and dismissed.


It was coming back to me.

There was an option for me to gather my paper work, write a letter, share my story and POSSIBLY get my medical bills alleviated and forgiven through the hospital charity.

And so, in the matter of a few days, I stopped crying, I stopped destructively COPING.

I wrote my letter. I mailed it. I did what I had to do...

The result was that: through my request, the charity alleviated the majority of the debt. Gone. Over 80% of the debt - forgiven. 

This was one of the BIGGEST lessons of my life.


It’s how I overcame the biggest, heaviest bout of depression I’ve ever faced.

And when I think back it all came down to that rock bottom moment - the DECISION, the ACTION. Almost like a flip of a switch, to DO something about my situation.

This experience and story wasn’t about overcoming and healing from the physical healing or wounds - it was all about the mental and emotional.

If you are of a certain age I bet you have OVERCOME something major, something hard, something despair.

About a week ago, I heard this young and successful married couple say that:  in life and in marriage, you are ALWAYS HEALING from something.

I agree. 

If we are always healing, how do we have wellness, happiness and just - how do we CARRY ON?

It made me think of this phrase: Happiness in Healing.

You know the saying, “it’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

It got me reflecting on how we can actually achieve Happiness in Healing. Or at least conceive of the possibility.

How can we use our own stories of overcoming in the past, to help us navigate healing in the present and in the future?

I believe in these possibilities... 

So, I’ve come up with a few prompts to guide this thinking, and begin to CONSTRUCT a MINDSET of happiness in healing and overcoming.


See these prompts: 


I truly hope today's email encourages you to think about new possibilities around mindset in healing.

Peace + Love,
Dorothy Marie x Capacity Now