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Cultivate greater well-being & abundance with Dorothy Marie.
For creatives, peace-leaders, and organizations seeking to support them.


me, Dorothy Marie

I'm Dorothy Marie, founder of Capacity Now. Paint me a bold and creative woman, on a mission to spread the message, mission, and lifestyle of holistic peace and wellbeing.


Through social media, video content, and coaching, my goal is to equip visionaries-in-the-making, peace-leaders & creatives (my tribe!) with powerful principles, practices, and plans that empower them to live the promise of "life more abundantly."

I see creativity as the highest form of contribution, faith as the necessary building blocks of our realities, and abundance as our birthright. These are the beliefs at the center of the Capacity Now vision.


We'll deep dive on the topic at hand, get you to the clarity you need, and the breakthrough you desire. After our call, via phone or video, you'll have your next steps written down, motivated by your own internal drivers for success, you'll be ready to make progress toward your goal.

  • Explore your own unique core drivers for success.

  • Uncover limiting past stories and beliefs.

  • Discover the secret workings of your mind.

  • Unpack subconscious fears, and begin to rewire them for success. 


In my workshops, I bring the tools and teachings of the self-development, positive psychology and coaching field into the wellness toolbox of the creative community.


My workshops focus on equipping artists, creatives and practitioners in creative careers with introspective tools to thrive in their mental and emotional wellness as they continue to pursue their creative careers & pursuits. 

  • Learn to write and use affirmations and personal stories in a powerful way.

  • Learn to articulate clear, aligned and authentic purpose statements.

  • Learn how to motivate desired behaviors & outcomes from the inside out.


Join the empowering movement of self- determined individuals who are taking self-development and education into their own hands, learning limitlessly from anywhere with online materials.

  • YouTube channel

  • E-books

  • Audio trainings and exercises

  • Classes on video

  • Free live content via social media & email

Check out the YouTube channel

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